Five ways to show your daughter you love her.

Are you a fan of Parks and Recreation? My girls and I are and this year I'm going to surprise them with a little Galentine's Day celebration. Galentine's Day, according to Leslie Knope, is when you celebrate your female friendships on Feb. 13. I'm still working out the details (and don't tell them if you see them!) and I thought I'd share some fun-loving ideas with you. Feel free to alter them to fit your particular family.

• Love notes. Slip a note under their bedroom door announcing that they are going on an adventure today. Leave hints or just give them directions: get up and get dressed! Now!
• Day date. Divide and conquer. Each parent schedules a date with each kid over the course of the weekend. Let the kid decide where you are going. Sit back and let them talk about whatever they want.
• Follow the leader. Pick a dessert and bake from scratch with the kids. Let them read the recipe, let them measure and stir and frost and make a mess. Here's the gift: stand back and let them do it. No critiques! If cooking isn't your thing, do a craft or some other activity. The point is to let them lead. 
• Surprise hugs! My younger daughter is a surprise-hug ninja. I plan on turning the tables on her next week and loading her up on hugs. Moody tweens and teens act like they don't want parents around, but letting them know you care with a quick hug can remind them you are always there for them. 
• Silly selfies. Most tweens and teens are never without smart phones. Grab yours and challenge them to a crazy face duel. If you encounter resistance, start out by showing them adorable puppy videos. No kid can resist. 

I hope you enjoy spreading a little love to your family next week. Let me know if you used any of the ideas and how they turned out (would love to see your selfies on Instagram!).