My beautiful ballet teacher best friend has been telling me about a class she’s been going to that she loves: it’s called Mobility and is branded Budukon (the way of the warrior spirit) and is part dance, part yoga, part flexibility, part strength. I don’t have an easy way of describing it. Britten, our amazing teacher, shows us a movement pattern that we learn and work on. We stay pretty connected to the floor mats but we’re always moving, rising and falling. It is so beautiful when Britten does it. She is like watching poetry. 

I am delighted that my 16-year-old daughter also wants to go. 

I am sweaty and tired afterward. I do not feel fluid in the least, but I’ve totally enjoyed letting my brain work out the details because I’ve tricked my body into moving so much. It doesn’t feel like exercise; it feels like I’m learning something. I will be back.