portrait masters

Making progress

Maybe it’s no big deal to you (why would it be?) but this is a such big deal to me. Several years ago I started following the amazing portrait photographer, Sue Bryce. After building a career of photographing women, she created a second career of mentoring and educating other photographers. I fell in love at first sight. I’ve never seen an educator give away so much knowledge and I credit her with helping to build my business.

In the last few years she developed an accreditation program called The Portrait Masters. You submit images that are viewed by a panel of international judges and they award points. Once you receive 25 points and have your portfolio reviewed, you are named an Associate Photographer. It’s quite an honor and it’s one I want.

During the round of submissions last month, I was hopeful I’d inch my way a little closer to accreditation. Fifteen of my images merited and I’m now just a few points away from this big step. Honestly, it’s a little difficult to comb through past sessions and decide what to submit. Judges look for technical aspects that are naturally different that what a client would look for. I may love an image but it may not approach a professional standard in their eyes. In the end, it’s a great learning experience to evaluate your work in this very critical way.

Mostly I’m happy that I have such beautiful clients. Post a comment if you know someone pictured above or tell me which one is your favorite.